Tools for Positive & Lasting Change in all of your Relationshiops
Tools for Positive and Lasting Change in Personal, Professional and Romantic Relationships

Make one change in your relationship today that can make a world of difference...

20 Simple Tools for Whole Heart Relationships

Guaranteed to Deepen Your Connection!

 "Tools to Rekindle Your Romance"

Home Study Workbook

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Tools to Rekindle Your Romance Home Study Workbook


Let these 20 practices
help you create the relationship of your dreams!

Could your relationship use a face lift?
What if you could have your relationship
be all that you dream it could be?
What if there were some simple things
you could do to spice up your marriage?

Marriage is a seminar, in fact, the best seminar you will ever participate in.  It offers you an opportunity for growth that no other relationship can equal, if both people are fully participating.  A healthy marriage takes time and care.  It’s just like anything that is worth having, it requires attention.  If you don’t care for your plants, they will die.  If you don’t exercise, your muscles will atrophy, if you don’t nurture your relationship, you will begin to become resentful, bored and lonely.  The next thing that goes is the passion and romance. 

This workshop can be done at your own pace because you have the workbook.  You can do the exercises that attract you.  There are a total of eight hours worth of tools and techniques to help you connect more authentically with your partner.

Here are some of the topics you will learn tools for in this home-study workshop:

Learn how to say YES when you mean Yes, NO when you mean NO, and OH when you mean OH

Learn to Fight Fair With the One You Love

Get Past the "Talking Heads" to the Heart of the Matter


Loving Communication techniques

Centered Presence Practice

Create goals for your marriage

Five Rings Practices with-
Wind, Water, Fire, Ground & Space

Intimate Partner Connection Practices

Attraction, Appreciation, Support

Conflict Resolution

What is Love?

Keeping Your Marriage New & Exciting

Reviewing, re-choosing and creating your vows

Renew Your Vows

Renewal of Vows Ceremony including (unofficial) Certificate

$29.95 + (Tax in CA only)

Free Shipping

Order Today!

Tools to Rekindle Your Romance Home Study Workbook




My fiance and I attended Diana's Rekindle Your Romance workshop and had a great time.  We really didn't know what to expect, but we were open to the experience and have been so amazed at how much we enjoyed the workshop.  Since attending the workshop, we have become aware of the fact that we need to spend time on this relationship, keeping it alive and passionate.

Diana's workshop has given us many tools to help us communicate, become more intimate and learn to nurture and support each other in a healthy way, which we didn't know how.
We are both looking forward to doing the exercises in the workbook, and getting to know each other on a deeper level, and the workshop has made that possible.

Thank you,
Suzanne Thomas

If you are not 100% satisfied after completing your workshop
you can ask for your money back.

So it's risk free!!   So why not but it right now?



And, coming soon...

 90 Minute CD

Rekindle Your Romance with Romantic Imaginings;

Guided imagery exercises with music to help you create
a more "whole heart" connection with your partner

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