Tools for Positive & Lasting Change in all of your Relationshiops
Tools for Positive and Lasting Change in Personal, Professional and Romantic Relationships

Whole Heart Relationships
Break through personal barriers; bring your whole heart to your relationships; experience your authentic connection...

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Relationship Help for Couples and Singles
Transformational Workshops, Group & Private Classes
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Whole Heart Ceremonies
Diana brings out the "heart" in your  ceremony 
so your ceremony is the "heart" of your whole day...
Spiritual, Personal, Sacred, Joyous


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The Whole Heart Path is the journey of whole heart living 
through the integration of the body/mind and the heart/mind.
Our tools and practices help you recover your
whole heart connection
in your relationship to the self and in your relationships with others.

We teach tools for creating positive and lasting change
in personal, professional and romantic relationships.

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