About Diana Concoff Morgan, MA, HHE


I’ve always been on a mission to inspire people to discover their next steps in life, to have a voice, be heard and seen and express who they truly are in their lives and in the world. That has been my purpose, ever since I emerged from feeling powerless, silenced, and invisible as a child.  Once I found my voice, I never lost my passion for giving that gift to others!

Trained as a teacher, in my early 20’s, I was seduced away from teaching by a short-lived corporate career.  I didn’t fit in the corporate culture, once again feeling silenced. It wasn’t my path or my world.  When I became a mom, I was changed forever.  My son came home from school one day complaining that he hated school.  That was the turning point.  

I decided to create a business out of my true passion. I went back to school, got my MA in Holistic Health Education and Counseling and became a certified coach and an ordained Non-denominational Minister.  In 1990 Blessings To You Wedding Ministry was officially launched. I loved it because I got to give couples a voice, the opportunity to express their vision of their spirituality through their wedding ceremony! 

For the next 20 years I got to be a stay at home and a working mom, officiate over 1000+ weddings, train and coach many other officiants to do this work and coach hundreds of couples to deepen their relationships. I enjoyed coaching individuals as well!  I also got to participate in starting a charter school and teaching Spanish.  Most importantly, I got to be present as a mom.  Today I know in every fiber of my being that my presence made a difference, both as a mom and as an entrepreneur!

I became passionate about supporting purpose driven women who were healing the world with their lives, causes and businesses.  The birth of social media created all kinds of new opportunities for healing and transformation in the world. And of course, it created obstacles as well.  Now we had to be really visible, no more hiding behind our website and blog.  The truth is, I was struggling to be seen and heard. All those childhood experiences of feeling powerless, silenced and invisible were offering me the opportunity for a huge healing! I remember the day I realized I was “the best kept secret with all my gifts and talents!” It was the day I stepped into my truth as a Thought Leader!  

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” Tony Robbins 

Through all the years, I have continued coaching couples and individuals.  Whether it was personal, relationship or business, I’ve seen a lot over the past 30 years and helped so many people!  Helping people reach their full potential is truly my joy and my WHY!!

I’m excited to meet you and to help you gain clarity, take action and get results! I am a very action oriented coach. I think talking about it is valuable but ultimately it’s about action!

I’m real, honest, caring, encouraging, creative and supportive. My superpower is to help you find clarity, figure out the steps to get where you want to go and support you in getting there!

​​My toolbox includes:
1.  ​My own life experience of successes, challenges and lessons learned!

2.  Intuition, Spirituality and Humor

​3.  My Professional Credentials:
30 years of coaching relationship, holistic life​ and health, work/life balance​, ​communication, life transitions, life purpose, ​business
marketing, ​
5 Rings Coach
Movement Psychology Stress response Trainer
Master’s Degree Holistic Health Education and Counseling

If this resonates with you, I would love to have a Complimentary Consultation to see if we are a good match.