WholeHeart Relationship Coaching

Diana spent much of her younger life exploring relationships, wondering why people get married.  After years and years of unsuccessful relationships, it became a mission of hers to understand what marriage really was about and what makes a happy, successful marriage.  Her personal path to healthy relationships included therapy, self-help programs, classes, relationship studies and her own spiritual quest.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education from JFK University in 1989 with her emphasis in Movement Psychology.  She continued her studies with Dr. Stuart Heller becoming certified as a Five Rings Coach and Stress Response Trainer at the Institute of Movement Psychology, specializing in relationships. She is also an ordained minister and a certified Yoga Heart Meditative Movement Instructor. 

Diana finally discovered the keys to healthy, happy relationships.   Today, she enjoys authentic relationships with the people in her life.  She co-created an authentic, healthy, loving marriage of over 28 years with her late husband Dinndayal.  Their marriage withstood the tests of time, including children, step-children, self-employment, health and financial challenges.  She enjoys happy relationships because she understands what it takes to be happy and that’s what she writes about and teaches others.  

For over 30 years she has been coaching individuals and couples on the keys to healthy, happy relationships. She helps people with all types of relationships, personal, professional and romantic.

Individual Relationship Coaching

Drawing from personal experience and years of training, Diana provides one-on-one coaching to individuals seeking to improve their relationships. These sessions are tailored to help individuals understand their needs, emotions, and communication styles to foster healthier connections.

Relationship to Self Coaching

Understanding oneself is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Diana offers coaching specifically designed to help individuals explore their self-identity, self-esteem, and self-love. This service is designed to build a stronger sense of self and promote personal growth.

Couples Relationship Coaching

Whether it’s a new relationship or a marriage that has spanned decades, Diana offers personalized coaching for couples. She guides partners through the challenging process of understanding each other better, working through conflicts, and strengthening their bond. She helps individuals and couples with communication, conflict resolution and intimacy.

She is the author of “10 Tips to Rekindle Your Romance”, “Essential Tools for Healthy Relationships”, “Tools to Rekindle Your Romance Home Study Workbook” and co-author of “Yoga Heart Meditative Movement”.