WholeHeart Path Midlife/Work Life Coaching - Get Ready for Midlife/Work Life Success!

Are You Ready for  “Midlife/Work-Life Success?”
“Midlife” is state of mind, a time in your life when you are in transition.  There is no specific age that determines “midlife”.  It doesn’t matter what age you are!  Here are some “midlife” events that you might relate to:

  • Going From “Empty Nest” to “What’s next?”

  • Job, Hobby, Side Hustle to  Successful Entrepreneur**

  • Career change or transitioning from one job to another

  • “Retirement” to Legacy Years–What’s Next?

Are you “between stories” right now?

Maybe you’ve had some major life changes and are wanting some help with processing and navigating the changes.

Have you been waiting and waiting to “DO YOUR THING?”

You would like someone to talk to who can be objective and supportive.

They say, “When one door closes another door opens, and the hallways are…!” 

Are you in the hallway?

Well guess what!  
“Now it’s YOUR turn!”
It’s time to Activate Your Dream Life!

What does that mean?
Stop “back-burner-ing” your dream!

I coach people on how to find your way out of the hallway in order to Live Your WholeHeart Path to Success! 

Going through a midlife/work-life transition can be a challenging period. Here are some of the issues that individuals might encounter during this stage that can create stress and cause you to feel out of balance in your life:

Habitual Resistance: 
People at this stage may have developed deeply ingrained routines and habits over the years. This can create resistance to change, making it difficult for them to make change and to adjust to their new routines to achieve a balanced life.

Limited Time:
Individuals in transition are often juggling multiple responsibilities like career, family obligations, and personal interests. The time constraints can make it hard to strike a balance between work and personal life.

Emotional Struggles:
Midlife work-life transitions can be accompanied by emotional challenges like frustration, fear, or a sense of crisis. These emotional difficulties can interfere with a person’s ability to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Career Changes: 
Dealing with job changes, uncertainty, or re-skilling can create additional stress, affecting all other areas of your life.

Technological Adaptation: 
Depending on their comfort level with technology, some individuals may find it challenging to adapt to technological changes in the workplace or to use technology for remote work or digital communication.

Financial Pressure: 
During a midlife work-life transition, financial responsibilities may increase – supporting children’s education, caring for aging parents, or preparing for retirement. This financial stress can definitely create increased stress.

Societal Expectations: 
The societal pressure to be continually busy and productive can conflict with the objective of achieving a balanced lifestyle. It can be difficult for individuals to navigate these expectations and prioritize their well-being.

Lack of Support: 
Not having a robust support network can exacerbate the challenges of achieving work life balance while going through a midlife work-life transition. Without support, individuals may find it challenging to implement the necessary changes to their lifestyle.

These issues highlight the importance of considering various factors when trying to achieve a healthier, more balanced life during transitions. It’s essential to acknowledge these challenges and seek support, such as professional coaching when necessary.  As a professional coach, I can help you move through your work-life transition more harmoniously, with more clarity and less stress.  

**If you are transitioning from your Job, Hobby, Side Hustle or Small Business to being a successful entrepreneur, please check out other programs and offerings here!