Whole Heart Path Midlife Coaching is a dedicated program that helps individuals navigate through the crucial midlife changes and transitions. It focuses on helping clients redefine their goals and objectives, whether personal or professional, and provides guidance on how to effectively pursue them.

This coaching program is ideal for individuals who are navigating major life changes such as an empty nest, retirement, job change, or relationship transitions. It’s particularly beneficial for those wanting to repurpose their lives post-50 and those feeling “between stories.”

Being “between stories” refers to a stage in life where one chapter has ended and the new one hasn’t begun yet. It’s a period of uncertainty, transition, and change, often marked by significant life changes like retirement, a career shift, or changes in personal relationships.

The coaching is conducted via Zoom or phone calls, providing a comfortable and convenient platform for the client. It ensures that the client feels heard and seen, and it allows for the creation of a tailored, adaptable plan.

The process involves active listening, creating an evolving plan, suggesting actionable steps, offering accountability, and supporting the client in their transformation. The coaching uses a direct, no-nonsense approach, with various tools to assist the client in gaining clarity and moving toward their goals.

Activating your dream life means to stop postponing your dreams and start actively pursuing them. It is about defining what your ideal life looks like and taking concrete steps to make it a reality.

Midlife rebranding aims at helping individuals reassess their life goals and redefine their purpose during midlife. This process may include transitioning from regular jobs to entrepreneurship, redefining the meaning of retirement, or thriving after significant relationship changes.

The coaching assists in processing the feelings associated with the “empty nest” syndrome and provides guidance on how to rediscover personal interests, passions, and opportunities for growth and fulfillment. It helps individuals navigate the uncertainty and explore the possibilities that come with this new phase of life.

You can expect to receive ongoing guidance, encouragement, and accountability. The coach will be there to support you as you implement actionable steps towards your goals, providing the necessary resources and tools to ensure your journey is effective and empowering.

A complimentary conversation is offered to prospective clients to help determine if there’s a good fit. This conversation allows you to express your needs and goals, while the coach can explain their approach and the potential benefits of the program.